A Guide to Removing Hair Extensions Safely at Home

Elevating your beauty with hair extensions has become almost necessary at this time. But what comes after is even more critical to discuss and look after – the removal of hair extensions. Most people visit salons and hairdressers to remove their extensions which is a costly process. Removing extensions at home is not a difficult task if done properly by following the necessary steps. This article discusses tips for anyone who wants to know how to remove hair extensions.


Before you start removing your hair extensions, gather the necessary tools:

  • A tail comb
  • Hair clips
  • Extension remover solution or oil (depending on the type of extension)
  • A wide-tooth comb
  • Patience and time

Step-by-Step Removal Process

Determine the Type of Extension

First, you need to patiently look for the extension you are wearing and what material is used to stitch it with your hair. There are various types of extensions, some of which include tape-in extensions, micro bead extensions, and keratin bond extensions. It is important to determine your extension type to select the proper removal technique and reagent.

Section Your Hair

Begin by dividing your hair into parts that will be easy to work on, especially when styling. To minimize tangles, divide hair into sections and hold the sectioned hair in place using hair clips. This step is important to avoid tangling or breaking of hair as you style it, in case you are working on a section of hair at a time.

Apply Removal Solution

When it comes to removing tape-in extensions, use an extension remover solution or simply oil; coconut or olive oil will suffice. Allow it to stand for some time to soften the glue that is clinging to the tiles. For micro bead extensions, one has to use pliers to hold the beads and twist them to open them before removing them. Keratin bond extensions have to be removed with a special remover solution that dissolves the bonds.

Use a Tail Comb for Smooth Removal

If the adhesive or bonds have weakened, you can gently remove the extensions from your natural hair. Do not pull or yank the item because this may cause some damage to it. If there is still a lot of bonding, use a tail comb to further create some space between the bonds.

Wash and Dry Your Hair

Next, brush through the hair using a wide-toothed comb to clean out any remaining glue and tangles from the hair extension. Rinse your hair and scalp with a mild, sulfate-free shampoo to remove any lingering debris and oil.

Aftercare Tips

Trim Split Ends

It is also advisable to get a trim to avoid ragged edges and have good hair health. This will also help your hair to regain the lost strength as a result of potential damage from the extensions.

Take a Break for Your Hair

It is also important to allow the natural hair to rest and grow for a few weeks before getting new extensions. This rest period is very important to the general health of hair and therefore should be accorded the required attention.


It is possible to remove hair extensions at home with some tools and methods mentioned below. With these steps and proper care for the natural hair after the removal process, you can be able to have good healthy hair without any signs of damage. Please do remember that patience and gentleness are the major factors to consider when removing the aforesaid body part safely.



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