How to avoid buying fake muslin bags online

If you have ever bought a fake item on the internet, you can explain how frustrating it can be. If you make the mistake of buying mediocre muslin bags, it is more painful. The pain is not necessarily coming from the money spent on the product, it is coming from the stress involved in buying the product. It is possible to buy fake items both physically and on the internet. It is easier to spread fake news on the internet than in real life. In this article, we will show you how you can avoid buying fake items like muslin bags on the internet. Here, our focus is on how to avoid these fake items. Some of the processes include;

Visit a secured site

The internet is a very tricky place, and only a little detail is enough to get you scammed. Most websites that you visit have the “https” before their website link. If you log on to a website and you are only seeing “http” without the S, there is a big problem. It is only clearly explaining to you that the site is not secured. If you do not have the luxury of time to check the website link, you can check the box for the website for a padlock. If there is a padlock there, the web page is secure, but if not, you need to close it immediately.

Search the brand name on Google

A Google search can save and prevent a lot of the problems, but the issue is we are usually too lazy to do a proper Google search. For instance, if you Google search a product, every single detail of the brand and company that makes the product will be available on the internet. If the brand has scammed some people in the past, it will still be there. Sometimes, these companies will be smart enough to fix a lot of good tidings and news on the internet, so it is in your place to research thoroughly. This is very important if you are about to buy the bags in bulk from a particular vendor.

Always use eCommerce websites

E-commerce websites are the safest way to stay safe when purchasing on the internet. These websites have spent years building a reputation and a brand of trust amongst its millions of users. Alibaba, for instance, has customers in different continents, so you can rest assured. On these eCommerce platforms, the brands that sell products are definitely not scam brands. It is the job of the registration process of the company to determine this. Moreso, the companies are usually involved from the purchase to payment, and delivery of the product to your doorstep. It is crucial that you buy on these platforms for better safety.


The quickest way to play safe on the internet is to opt for payment on delivery if possible from these brands. However, the biggest issue is many of these fake brands will clone a fake product to look exactly like the real. So even after your carefulness, you may still be scammed. Therefore, the steps in this guide are usually a better option.



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